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International Association of Moxy Women

Find, Keep and Share Your Moxy!

and Now in honor of our 5 Year Anniversary Your Membership is FREE!
Current Members will automatically renew for FREE!

The International Association of Moxy Women is an exclusive membership organization with $0 membership dues and a mission to Find, Keep and Share Your Moxy!  Members of Moxy Women will receive discounts on qualified Moxy Events and many other special offers that are in process.

Moxy will provide a vehicle to share ideas and encourage communication with other members through the Moxy Mingle networking section of the website. Joining forces by linking together, in this way, will form a powerful network of women around the globe.  As a member of Moxy you will be able to search the database of members and communicate directly with that member via email.  This promises to be a powerful networking tool as the membership grows.

This is a new era for women.  The old stereotype of success is no longer well defined.  We now know that real success may be realized by doing work that we are passionate about.  The internet has opened up the world and many opportunities to promote our creative work and expertise.  Women around the world are leaving their corporate jobs and starting their own companies; finding success in ways never before possible.

Join the Moxy Women Movement 
Find, Keep and Share Your Moxy!
Nominate a Moxy Woman for a Feature Story!


Benefits Include:

  • Nomination for a Moxy Woman Feature Story- You may nominate yourself or someone that you consider a Moxy Woman- Just send a one page overview that includes a summary of why this nominee should be featured as a Moxy Woman.  If chosen you will be contacted to begin the process to capture a full-feature story on your Moxy Woman Nominee.  Photos and Video may be required.  Send all nominations to:  info@MoxyWomen.com
  • Submission of Your Articles for Publication on the Website- All articles will be considered but only those of appropriate content, completely edited and submitted in MS Word simple format will be chosen.
  • Discounts on Moxy Women Events- with membership card
  • Negotiated Discounts on Products and Services (TBA)
  • Free entrance to all areas of the new Moxy Women website including restricted areas.
  • Free e-Newsletter subscription
  • Moxy Mingle Participation- New Website feature includes Social Networking for Members only
  • Free Member Event Posting- Ability to post member event ads to share with all Moxy website viewers 
  • Participation in the Blog area
  • Participation in the annual conference- speakers must be members of Moxy to be invited to speak. 
  • Moxy Women Membership Card available as a member for a processing and handling fee of $5. Click to Order
  • Moxy Woman t-shirt for $9.95 available to all members.  Click Here to Order and Support Moxy!

Join today and help us continue our work to build a powerful network of women around the globe.  We will continue to enhance the website, produce quality events, provide inspiring content and continue our work to gain bargaining power for our network and for you.

Join Today and Help us Build a Powerful Network of Like-minded Women Around the Globe.

View- IAMW By-Laws in a PDF format


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