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Making the Choice for Healthy Longevity

Making the Choice for Healthy Longevity

The media has maligned hormone replacement therapy. The real harm occurs when we lose our own hormones. Physicians hesitate to prescribe hormones because the medical journals recommend hormones only to control symptoms and only for the shortest time necessary. They aren’t making the important distinction: these recommendations apply only to synthetic hormones and not to bio-identical hormones.

We now know that synthetic hormones are the root cause of many of the complications related to hormone replacement therapy in women, specifically increased risk of cancer. Bio-identical hormones on the other hand not only eliminate that increased risk but, in fact, decrease your risk of some types of breast and uterine cancer. Natural, bio-identical hormones are created in a laboratory to exactly match the hormones that your body produces. Human hormones are naturally made by the body and, as such, cannot be patented. Neither can bio-identical hormones.  Synthetic hormones are manufactured to be as close to natural as possible and to mimic the effects of natural hormones. Unfortunately, even a slight altering of the molecular structure can result in unwanted side effects and potential harm. The body recognizes chemically modified or synthetic hormones as foreign and reacts accordingly with various negative side effects.

Hormone Replacement Vs. Hormone Optimization

It’s important to understand the difference between hormone replacement and hormone optimization. Many doctors who utilize bio-identical hormones, do not optimize their patients’ levels to those of youthful levels. Instead their target levels are those normal ranges that are determined by laboratory population studies based upon the patient’s age and gender. Hormone optimization rather involves supplementing hormones to the levels of a healthy young person, when one’s reserve capacity and state of health is at it’s best.

The neuroendocrine theory of aging states: we age because our hormones decline, rather than our hormones decline because we age. It may help to think of your hormones as a wireless internet system regulating cell function and genetic expression. The neuroendocrine theory argues that diseases are more likely to occur when hormones are not optimally balanced and at maximum reserves. Our hormones reach maximum levels and functionality in our twenties and remain at high levels through our thirties, at which time they begin a slow steady decline. As they decline, and the body develops resistance to hormones, cell and system functions lose equilibrium. This is when chronic diseases begin to emerge.

The most deceptive information we hear is “aging is normal”; the decline (cognitive, physical, emotional) we experience is normal and we should just learn to live with it. Major esteemed medical institutions are now researching hormones for their role in health and well-being. We now see that when hormones are at optimal levels  (the levels of a healthy twenty –thirty year old), the body is healthier, and in better physical condition. Research demonstrates that the only way to alter this age-associated decline is through hormone optimization, or more correctly termed, “preventative medicine”.

The problem with conservative medicine is that many doctors believe if you don’t have a disease, why seek treatment? This thought process leaves us sitting ducks, waiting for an illness instead of taking a proactive approach to preserve the precious terrain of our bodies.

Hormone optimization may not be a cure for dying, but it makes life longer, exciting, and much more fulfilling. Hormone replacement therapy provides vigor and vitality, which would otherwise be lost.  With natural bio-identical hormone optimization therapy, you can truly begin to enjoy the remaining years in your life. Whether you are forty-five or sixty-four, or eighty-nine, it’s never too late to discover healthy aging.

Remember, it’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years! 

Meet the TruWell Team

The TruWell team will guide you on your daily journey through a unique medical experience designed to help each patient reach remarkable health goals through preventive and anti-aging medicine.

Lora L Brown, MD

Fellowship-trained at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, Lora L. Brown, MD is a double board-certified physician, specializing in the minimally invasive, interventional treatment of pain, as well as anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Recognized by Becker’s ASC Review as one of the Best Pain Management Physicians in America, Dr. Brown is passionate in her pursuit to alleviate chronic pain for each of her patients. She speaks and teaches nationally and internationally on several topics on pain management, and has served as lead investigator on numerous published trials for her studies in pain medicine. She served as president of the Florida chapter of American Society for Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) and has served on numerous state and national boards and committees.

In addition to her dedication to helping those who suffer with pain, Dr. Brown believes that balance and wellness are crucial in the prevention of the negative side effects of aging. She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and founder of TruWell, where she personally oversees every aspect of the patient's clinical diagnosis, treatment and education.

Dr. Brown earned her medical degree at the University of Texas in San Antonio. She is certified in both pain management and anesthesia by the:

  •  American Board of Anesthesiology, with certificates in both Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology
  •  American Board of Pain Medicine
  •  American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians

Contact Dr. Brown at drbrown@tru-well.com

Hormones:  A Note From Dr. Brown -  https://www.facebook.com/truwellhealth/app_184474614987082

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