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Is Love Enough?
by Lori Bushey

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.”  Erma Bombeck

I remember a time in my yoga practice when my teacher commented on my physical asanas and how it related to the balance of my energy channels or Chakras. I was in almost perfect balance, with the exception of my Anahata or heart Chakra. This was very telling for me and I at once began a journey to learn more about these energy channels, what they mean, if they were blocked, balanced, or too open. What I circle back to again and again is the timing of life, changes, journeys, new jobs, ventures, and loss.  These factors all relate to the balance in life. Our emotional experiences have a direct influence on the alignment of our energy channels and the holidays often awaken emotions we store for the year. New beginnings can mean adventure, but also, the unknown.

The New Year follows one of the most sacred holidays of all, Christmas. This is a time where families unite, forgiveness is given freely, and people reminisce while watching holiday favorites like White Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life. I have watched these films for years, as they remind me of simpler times, and they give me a sense of peace and nostalgia. My heart begins to tingle, I feel good about life, and for a short time forget about the “things” that are troubling me. It is a welcome escape from whatever ails you. But how wonderful, as people say, to keep Christmas in your heart all year long!

I recently watched these films with a friend who had never seen them; it was fun to see and hear her reactions. As we watched George Bailey’s struggle to leave Bedford Falls and his obvious misfortune and familial obligations, our heart opened to the miraculous way he was loved. What strikes me most in this film is Mary and when she whispered in his deaf ear as a child, that she would love him forever.  Years later, as his wife, she stood by his side through his struggles and trials. My friend and I looked at one another and commented, "Everyone should be loved in that way."  What a blessing to have friends and family, people who support you throughout life. To love and be loved like this would certainly mean one’s Anahata Chakra is open and balanced.

The Anahata Chakra is the fourth Chakra, our heart center. It is where we love, feel joy, happiness, and compassion. Like all things positive it also has another side, we feel sorrow, sadness, anger, and fear, all emanate from the heart chakra. It is yin and yang, essential to the understanding of growth and the ultimate goal, unconditional love. I do not believe anyone truly harbors selfish intentions for those they love. Often it is the heart chakra out of balance and the aspects which throw it off kilt that motivates these behaviors. When we begin our evolution to a higher dimension, we see and hear the signs of universe and accept that we are flawed individuals taking responsibility for our actions. This doesn’t mean we are free from pain and sadness; rather we are open to adventure and love.

To understand our own foibles, to take responsibility for one’s actions, and knowing past triggers, is the beginning of an open heart.  The lesson is to love and accept self in order to truly love others. Believing in this concept takes practice, because often those we are closest to and love the most unwittingly release the hardest blows to our heart. The more time two people spend together, the more likely and vulnerable they are to one another’s emotional blows. We grow comfortable and free, which is actually wonderful, until unconditional love is taken for granted.  In all things there must be conscious behavior, for in comfort there can be complacency, and no one ever wishes to hurt or be hurt.


If your heart chakra is in balance, you feel compassion for all living creatures.  You will be kind and courteous, gentle and strong, content in your oneness and open to dreaming, completely at ease with yourself. If your heart chakra is too open you may feel angry and sensitive, judgmental of self and others, and your love becomes conditional. A closed heart chakra can create negative feelings, you may feel unlovable, unworthy, and foster irrational beliefs about yourself; it’s hard to focus on anything positive when your heart is closed. The good news is that your heart chakra can be balanced, it’s all about love!

Remember you are beautifully and wonderfully made, give yourself a healing mantra. Surround yourself with nature, go to the woods, spend time at the beach. The Anahata Chakra color is green, so spend time with nature. Throreau said, “Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.” He went to the woods because he wished to live deliberately; what a profound message to our heart. I give freely and openly to others, setting aside any fears from my past and triggers that may be pulled, I am love! “Is love enough?” YES! Peace and Namaste!

About Lori Bushey:

Lori Bushéy is an Advanced Placement Literature and Composition instructor with an education background from Exeter College, Oxford University, England, the University of Minnesota, and the College of St. Scholastica. 

Lori is the TruWell Spiritual Coach providing meditation and Yoga education. Lori also teaches yoga at Clearwater Fit, and Ashtanga-based Yoga on Clearwater Beach. Working remotely enabled Lori to practice daily and develop discipline of the mind and body. After an extensive home practice Lori pursued and earned her RYT Training at Anala Yoga under the direction of Ally Ford and is currently working on her 500 hour RYT. Lori lives the yoga lifestyle and truly believes in the positive benefits of the practice. If you ask her “What is yoga?” her response will be, in the words of Rodney Yee, “Yoga is poetry of the body”  and what else would you expect from an English major? Namaste and continue to cultivate Seva.

Lori may be reached at:  labegr@aol.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Yoga2tao 





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