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Running in Place Toward Your Intentions?

Running in Place Toward Your Intentions?
by Jean Harper

Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer to your goal ~Elbert Hubbard

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just “running in place”?  When I set big, lofty goals for myself, it’s really easy to find myself at a plateau, where it feels like I’m spinning my wheels but not really heading forward towards my end goal.  I realize that the power lies in intention and remaining focused and consistent.  It’s the patience that drives me crazy.

On my morning walks at the beach I regularly pass a gentleman with his towel and water goggles in hand. He is very fit and I guess his age to be in his sixties.  He is very clean cut with much the looks of an ex-military man. Each morning he walks some distance to a designated point where there is a row of benches, he takes off his shirt, places it on the same bench each time, puts on his goggles, and walks into the water. He swims the backstroke approximately 100 yards (no doubt the exact distance each day) and then he begins to swim in place. He looks as though he should be moving as his arms perform a perfect side stroke yet he stays in the same spot. I assume his feet are on the sand because he doesn’t move forward and there is no apparent current holding him in place. He does this for some time as I pass him coming and going on my walk.  I never see him finish but I have no doubt he sets a timer and “swims in place” for the same amount of time each day.  As I mentioned earlier, he looks great, so if staying in shape is his goal then swimming in place is working well for him. 


When I think of my intentions and hear that little voice in my head start saying “you’re not getting anywhere” I think of the swimmer and I feel encouraged.  I know that my goals are getting closer however I need to get “still” and take the time to look back and see how far I have come.

In the teachings of Deepak Chopra, he describes Intention as a force in nature, it is what creates our reality, orchestrates the fulfillment of our dreams, and offers us infinite organizing power. He also suggests that in order to get the best out of our intentions we must clearly visualize our intended outcome.

As this year comes to a close and I set my intentions for 2014 I will remind myself that it’s ok if I sometimes run or swim in place…I’ll still get there!

Happy Holidays!

Take a look at this short video on intentions:



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