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Heartbeat Post-Show Reflections

Images from a Fabulous Show- Heartbeat- Where the Great Mystery Begins...

















Video Below from ACT II- Solo by Sue Carole Devale



Aiyana- The Story of a Goddess for a New Era

The mystery of the divine feminine speaks to us from within her creation; she is not distant in heaven, but present within us. She is the divine, returning to remind us of the real wonder of what it means to be alive. We have forgotten her, just as we have forgotten so much of what is sacred, and yet she is always a part of us. Today more than ever, she needs to be celebrated, not just as a myth, but a spiritual image, something that belongs to our blood and breath.
~Jean Harper- Founder, Moxy Women & Creator of Heartbeat- Where the Great Mystery Begins

Introducing- Aiyana, the goddess of earthly light- Performer, Rossana Spallino
My name is Aiyana, it means eternal flower and I represent the goddess in each and every one of you. Some believe that a goddess is a supernatural being, but like you, I cry, I feel pain, I laugh, and I rejoice at the rising and setting of the sun.  I am believed to be directly linked to one of the seven daughters of Eve.  I am of Native American legacy and the first to call America my home.  My story will best be told and expressed through dance and music and I hope you will join me on my opening night this June.

I am thought to be a fictional goddess, created by a woman who wants to do her part to produce a peaceful, egalitarian and an aesthetically beautiful world.  Is this true or am I one that was created by the blessings of light that have been cast out into the Universe by all of you on earth?  Was I created to be an entity for peace, a sower of love from hatred, a beacon of light in darkness?

The journey of my life is a story for all to hear and it begins with the sound of the heartbeat.  The heart is the center of our being and we must be open to the heart connection that we share with all people through love.  I close my eyes to see the world and the world is transformed from pain and ignorance to eternal joy and beauty.  Maybe I will dream forever, but with you my dreams will be the dawn of a new day.  My hope, out of the endless days and nights of eternity, is that we will never let go of what is real and possible for each and every being and that we will never be lost again. There is a place for you and for me and today we are needed for change to occur.

On my path to enlightenment we will journey through the past, experience pain, sorrow, awakening, and ultimately joy. Goddesses from all cultures will awaken as I have called on them with the help of light workers and messengers alike to be my guides. There is no one goddess who will lead me on my journey, as those who linger in time and space will come forward now as they are called upon for their symbols of wisdom.

As a young and newly transformed goddess I wish to awaken everyone on this earthbound journey to cherish and celebrate life. I ask you to observe my epiphany and magical metamorphosis and learn the reasons for our existence, to love, cherish, direct, empower, and support one another. We are all connected as humans, animals, plants, water, and “Mother” earth.  In the words of a friend, who you will meet on my journey,  “Mother Earth is pleading for us to stop her bleeding, to leave behind our greed, begin to plant new seeds, the time has come.”  I echo her words and agree, yes, the time has come!

Executive Producer & Director, Jean Harper is the founder of Moxy Women, an organization that was formed in honor of her late sister Ann. The mission of Moxy Women is to inspire, celebrate, support and empower women to find, keep and share their moxy or courage by offering events and stories that support this mission.
Music Director- Leslie Kille is a gifted musician, vocalist, recording artist and songwriter. Leslie has been involved with music since childhood and has a passion for all types of music.
Dance Choreography- Evelyn Tosi, Najmah Nour, Mystika, Kristin Corpuz, Lori Bushey, Corinne Clynes 
Original Music by-  Rebecca Zapen, Lois Greco, Gale Trippsmith, Sue Carole Devale- Click for Details on all Cast.


Heartbeat- Sequence- Palladium- June 18, 2011


7:30PM Welcome- Jean Harper- Founder, Moxy Women, Creator, Heartbeat- Where the Great Mystery Begins
7:32PM Scene One- Title- One Within- Performer: Yoga Dancer- Corinne Clynes
7:42PM Scene Two- Title- Introduction- Aiyana’s Story- Evening Hostess: Michelle Phillips
7:46PM Scene Three- Title-The Sage- Performer- Joseph Z
7:50PM Scene Four- Title- Message from the Angels- Performers:  Vocalist- Jennifer Real & Musicians- Lois Greco-electric guitar, Gale Trippsmith- acoustic guitar, Leslie Kille-piano, Rebecca Zapen- violin, Linda Wallis- drums
7:59PM-Scene Five- Title- Calling of the Goddesses- Performer:  Eluv
8:03PM-Scene Six-Title- Call for Enlightenment- Performers: Vocalist- Jennifer Real, Yoga Dancer- Lori Bushéy
8:08PM-Scene Seven- Title-The Messenger-Performers: Rebecca Zapen-violin, Leslie Kille-piano,  Rose Stauffer-Dancer
8:13PM-Scene Eight- 3 Parts- Triple Goddess Dances
Part 1 Title- Dance of Aphrodite- Dancer- Mystika, Background Drummer- Jim Talbot.
Part 2 Title- Dance of Isis-Dancer- Najmah Nour
Part 3 Title- Triple Goddess Dances- Dance of Hecate Time: 5:43
8:30PM- Scene Nine- Title- Dance of Innocence -Performers- Dancer- Kristin Corpuz & Musicians –Rebecca Zapen-Violin, Leslie Kille-piano           
8:33PM-Scene Ten- Title- Blossoming Aiyana –Performers: Vocalist- Rossana Spallino & Musicians, Rebecca Zapen- Violin, Leslie Kille- piano
8:37PM-Scene Eleven Title- Maiden Goddess- Performers: Vocalists- Rossana Spallino & Vladislav Markov- Rebecca Zapen on Violin,  Dancers- Armando Carassco, Katherine Wu    
8:40PM-Scene Twelve Title- Dance of Compassion-Performers- Dancer- Evelyn Tosi, Rebecca Zapen on Violin,
Leslie Kille on Keyboards
8:44PM-Scene Thirteen Title- Angel’s Song- Music- “Except for Love” Original Song performed/ written by
Gale Trippsmith- Lead Vocals, Rebecca Zapen- Performs on violin          
8:48PM-Scene Fourteen- Title-  Empowering Aiyana- Performers: Lead Vocals- Rossana Spallino, Background vocals- Rebecca Zapen, Jane Talbot & Rose Stauffer, Piano-Leslie Kille, Linda Wallis- drums, Rebecca Zapen- violin

INTERMISSION (20 Minutes )


9:12PM- Performers- Lynn Curtin & Marilyn Wilson
9:30PM- The Story Continues- Evening Hostess:  Michelle Phillips
9:33PM-Scene One- Title- Song of the Soul -Harp solo performance: Sue Carole Devale
9:37PM-Scene Two- 2 Parts- Goddess Prayers- Vocalist- Rossana Spallino, Leslie Kille- Piano, Goddesses Appearance-Isis- Najmah Nour, Aphrodite- Mystika and Hecate- Evelyn Tosi
9:44PM-Scene Three Title- Goddess Realized – Performer- Eluv
9:49PM-Scene Four- The Croning Ceremony-  Music- “Peace”- Original song  written and performed by Rebecca Zapen, Gale Trippsmith- on guitar. Scene Performers-goddess-Aiyana- Rossana Spallino, goddess-Hecate- Evelyn Tosi, goddess- Isis- Najmah Nour, goddess- Aphrodite- Mystika,  Aiyana’s  Artists- Donald Dizio and Jennifer Devlin.9:54PM- 9:54PM- Scene Five- Title - The Image of Aiyana Eternal-Lead Vocals- Rossana Spallino, Piano- Leslie Kille- Background Vocals- Rebecca Zapen, Jane Talbot & Rose Stauffer- Drums- Linda Wallis          
9:57PM- Scene Six- Title- Angel- Shining the Way- Music- "You Are The Light" Original song written and performed by Lois Greco- Vocals, Leslie Kille- Piano, Linda Wallis- Drums
10:03PM- Scene Seven A New World Begins-  Performed by Rossana Spallino and Vladislav Markov
10:28-Scene Eight- Title-Feeling The Power- Lead Vocals- Rossana Spallino, Musicians- Leslie Kille, Rebecca Zapen, Lois Greco, Linda Wallis-Background Vocals- Rose Stauffer, Jane Talbot, Leslie Kille, Linda Wallis, Lois Greco

The End




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